...I will be honest...there are few things better than sitting down with a bottle of wine! I literally have never met a wine I didn't like! I enjoy every aspect of wine...tasting, smelling, swirling...uncorking, pouring, sipping, pairing, loving, laughing, smiling, get the idea!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

We Interrupt This Marriage To Bring You The Superbowl Season!!

Be still my beating is that time of year again! Insert sarcastic tone and grin! Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy watching my boys play football and going to the occasional game at Gillette and even watching it on TV but for the next 3 months straight, my whole world will be uplifted to the 50yd line! My husband is a youth coach, my oldest son plays freshman football and my youngest son plays youth! There are also 2 fantasy leagues going on during this festive time and I have somehow gotten my self thoroughly involved in both the youth program and now the HS Boosters program by running the concession stand!! Lord give me the strength...and what you ask does this have to do with WINE? Well EVERYTHING! Because if it wasn't for that deliciously smooth, irresistibly fulfilling liquid....I wouldn't be able to withstand the months that lay before me!! To know that at the end of an evening filled with cheering and yelling, wining and losing, blocking and tackling, snapping and receiving, I can relax with a glass of wine that will not only put a smile on my face but a new found love for the game....ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!

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The Educated Grape said...

Cool blog Michaela! I LOVE FOOTBALL! So looking forward to it! It's the one sport I enjoy watching.