...I will be honest...there are few things better than sitting down with a bottle of wine! I literally have never met a wine I didn't like! I enjoy every aspect of wine...tasting, smelling, swirling...uncorking, pouring, sipping, pairing, loving, laughing, smiling, get the idea!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

We Interrupt This Marriage To Bring You The Superbowl Season!!

Be still my beating is that time of year again! Insert sarcastic tone and grin! Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy watching my boys play football and going to the occasional game at Gillette and even watching it on TV but for the next 3 months straight, my whole world will be uplifted to the 50yd line! My husband is a youth coach, my oldest son plays freshman football and my youngest son plays youth! There are also 2 fantasy leagues going on during this festive time and I have somehow gotten my self thoroughly involved in both the youth program and now the HS Boosters program by running the concession stand!! Lord give me the strength...and what you ask does this have to do with WINE? Well EVERYTHING! Because if it wasn't for that deliciously smooth, irresistibly fulfilling liquid....I wouldn't be able to withstand the months that lay before me!! To know that at the end of an evening filled with cheering and yelling, wining and losing, blocking and tackling, snapping and receiving, I can relax with a glass of wine that will not only put a smile on my face but a new found love for the game....ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Taste Those Winter Blues Away

It's cold out, there is snow on the ground, it is icy, you have to start your car before getting into it in the morning...which means going outside when it FREEZING out, you have to bundle up, where a hat and gloves, there is no hanging out outside, you have to stay indoors to be warm...have you heard enough!! I have a distraction, a brief but perfect way to kick those winter blues to the curb....TASTE YOUR BLUES AWAY! That's right...if you have to stay indoors, and there is no partying outside than why not host an in-home wine tasting event with your family and friends! Taste 5 delicious wines from around the world right in the comfort of your own living room...or kitchen, or dining room or basement or wherever your would like but under your own roof!! Enjoy a fun and informative wine tasting education and learn how to pair our fantastic wines with some yummy foods! It's up to you...stay in and sulk or stay in and TASTE the winter blues away!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

And the new journey has began!

It is official...The Traveling Vineyard is live! I am currently back in the wine game! Oh how I LOVE this concept! I get to get dressed, look pretty, get out of the house, meet new people and taste fantastic wines...ALL THE WHILE GETTING PAID TO DO SO!! If anyone can tell me of a better gig out there...then the wine is on me! Sit back, relax on your sofa and sip 5 delicious vintages from around the world! Host a wine tasting event today!!
And yes, the time is almost here!! Holidays and Wine go hand in hand...nothing makes a festive table look brighter than one of our yummy bottles of wine from The Traveling Vineyard! We have wines that will pair wonderfully with your whole meal...from beginning appetizers to ending desserts! And all of our fantastically priced wine accessories make perfect gifts for anyone on your holiday shopping list!! My personal estate site address is
Check me out!! Cheers!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I have found in my 37 years that it is easy to put off until tomorrow what we can do today. What does this have to do with wining you say? Two things actually....first being the frequency that we say to ourselves or to our friends let's get together and then we never do. We put it off...oh we will do it next week...or next month works better...then all of a sudden an entire season has passed and we still haven't taken any time for ourselves or our friends. Well I am giving you the perfect excuse to get together...HAVE A WINE TASTING! Good Friends, Great Wines = A Fantastic Time! ASK ME HOW!
OK..number two...we can sit idly by and wish and want and feel bad for ourselves about our current life and financial situation or we can move forward, take a risk and do something to better ourselves! Again, I am giving you the perfect excuse to get up and get your feet wet...quench your thirst for success by becoming a PERSONAL WINE CONSULTANT! I can guarantee you Fun, Friendship, Financial Rewards, Fulfillment and Flexibility! Whether you are a wine fanatic or are just beginning to like wine...this is the perfect opportunity for you to have your own business. By becoming a personal wine consultant, you will be offering FREE in-home wine tastings! Giving fun and informative wine tasting educations! It truly is a fantastic opportunity for someone who is looking for a part time gig or a full time career! Ask me how!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It Is Time!

It is time to broaden your palate....step out from the beer shadows....break away from the vodka's OK to cross that line into the vineyard!!! Learn to love wine...there are so many amazing wines to chose from...let me help you begin your journey!
Have you been at dinner with a group of friends or spending the holidays with family and everyone around you is either ordering or drinking wine and your just not sure how to do that or why you would want to? Well, I am here to tell you how and why to begin to LOVE WINE!

And once you begin your wine journey, there will be no turning back! A whole new world will open up to you and you can explore the many avenues that grapes have to offer! Each night...a different wine, each dinner...a different wine, each holiday...a different wine, each vacation...a different wine! The possibilities are endless. And it can all start in the comfort of your own home...a FREE in-home wine tasting! Contact me for details!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Me and some Norwell gals are getting together and tasting some fine wines with some fine foods tonight! Stay tuned for all the critical critique and details...probably not too early in the morning though...
And these wines tonight...all from Italy! Yahtzee! I've got the fever for the flavor of a red wine!!