...I will be honest...there are few things better than sitting down with a bottle of wine! I literally have never met a wine I didn't like! I enjoy every aspect of wine...tasting, smelling, swirling...uncorking, pouring, sipping, pairing, loving, laughing, smiling, get the idea!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It Is Time!

It is time to broaden your palate....step out from the beer shadows....break away from the vodka's OK to cross that line into the vineyard!!! Learn to love wine...there are so many amazing wines to chose from...let me help you begin your journey!
Have you been at dinner with a group of friends or spending the holidays with family and everyone around you is either ordering or drinking wine and your just not sure how to do that or why you would want to? Well, I am here to tell you how and why to begin to LOVE WINE!

And once you begin your wine journey, there will be no turning back! A whole new world will open up to you and you can explore the many avenues that grapes have to offer! Each night...a different wine, each dinner...a different wine, each holiday...a different wine, each vacation...a different wine! The possibilities are endless. And it can all start in the comfort of your own home...a FREE in-home wine tasting! Contact me for details!

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